Shrimp Asia

One of the most established graphic design studios in Bangkok asked me to re-design their website,, with an emphasis on making it responsive and easy to update.

To enhance the visual appeal of the site I created a series of 3D ‘paper’ illustrations to be used throughout, striving to evoke a feeling of technicality vs. informality with a tightly branded colour scheme.

The top homepage banner was designed to represent one of Shrimp’s key tenets: “Branding Is The Heart Of All Communication”.

The client’s original website was both very dated and a closed book for them – they had no access to update content themselves. With the site I created they are now able to add and remove any work or features within a few quick clicks. I ensured that as much as felt natural, calls-to-action were placed liberally throughout the site and that there was always a sense of simple interactivity.

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