Amon Tobin ISAM Live

This work was undertaken for an open brief in my final year at university. I chose to produce animated, lenticular posters to promote Amon Tobin’s projection-mapping ISAM Live cubist audio visual concert. Featuring an animated deconstruction of an imposing structure, this work strongly evokes the themes of the concert.


Lenticular printing means that the visible ‘frame’ changes when the viewing angle is altered, avoiding the need for an expensive screen installation while also providing an experience tailored to each and every individual viewer. You can play a forwards / reverse video of the animation below; please click on the fullscreen icon to see it in all its HD glory. Having trouble viewing the video? Try viewing it on YouTube.

Tour Merchandise

To accompany my animated posters I also designed packaging for live CDs and DVDs to be sold on tour. Both packages feature a lenticular sleeve containing the animation, with layered wireframes from the animation’s construction used for the static art beneath.

The CD design’s wireframe continues across all surfaces, even appearing as a spot UV design on the CD’s face.